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Testimonials from Mental Health Professionals

"I have known Mary since she was a psychology intern at McLean Hospital in 1998-1999. I found Mary to be exceptionally hardworking, intelligent, committed to her patients, and an excellent  member of the treatment team who possesses a full repertoire  of outstanding clinical skills. In short, Mary is an especially well trained and experienced psychologist who possesses the ideal disposition to work with the most diagnostically complicated  patients."

Dr. Phillip Levendusky, Ph.D, ABPP

Director Psychology Department McLean Hospital

Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry Harvard Medical School

Dr Faucette possesses many characteristics that distinguish her as a stellar psychologist. In addition to being highly educated, knowledgable, and experienced in her areas of expertise, Dr. Faucette is an excellent communicator and a very strong advocate for her patients. She is a confident decision maker who demonstrates great commitment to her clients as well as her colleagues. She is an intelligent leader who has a talent for bringing out the best in others, and her patients and co-workers have found her to be motivated, insightful, and personable.”


Dr Leslie Burke, Clinical Psychologist

"I have referred many people to Dr Faucette for depression, anxiety, and addiction issues. It would be difficult to find a practitioner that is more accomplished or has greater facility in these areas.  More important than her expertise; however,  is the caring and the connection that she brings to her clients."

Suellen Hawkins, LISW

"I am proud to know Dr Faucette as an esteemed colleague whose knowledge base literally stays on the the pulse of current affairs in the field. An expert in interpersonal psychology, women’s health, and DBT techniques, she has been my go-to for peer consultation and is highly respected in the field. Not only has she been a great role model, but “Dr. Mary” is also a dear friend who has a knack for patiently and kindly guiding her fellow clinicians."

Dr. Melanie Talley, Ph.D. Neuropsychologist

“I had the honor of working with Dr Faucette for nearly ten years. She is an amazing therapist and colleague. Her patients not only loved working with her, but they grew and blossomed under her care. She is an exemplary psychologist and is greatly missed by our practice.”


Dr Cindy Rich Clinical Psychologist

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